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In 1989 Bill Hall, Jr., a third generation trucker, established Bill Hall, Jr. Trucking Company. Primarily within the construction field, he has grown a fleet to include 130 company-owned belly dumps, half round end dumps and light weight end dumps. The corporate office is located in San Antonio, Texas, with satellite terminals in surrounding areas including Uvalde and San Marcos.

Bill Hall, Jr. Trucking Company’s main priority is protecting the reputation we have built for safety on the highways. To this end, we have partnered with a reputable safety advisor to perform monthly internal audits of all maintenance records, employee applications, and other safety issues. We require all drivers to have a complete set of Personal Protection Equipment (hard hat, safety goggles, and vest) in their vehicles at all times.

Bill Hall, Jr. Trucking Company utilizes what technology has to offer to reduce emissions and is a step closer to becoming the greenest company in South Texas. In a conscious effort to accomplish this “green” status, we recently replaced the older tractors in both San Antonio and New Braunfels with new environmentally friendly Peterbilt and Kenworth tractors which promised to be the ultimate “green machines” by using ultra low sulphur diesel fuel that would burn light, clear, and clean. These units create a minimal emissions footprint that is even lower than the recommended industry standards as set forth by the National Transportation Committee. In addition, we have participated for a number of years in the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) Program provided by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). We qualified and complied with all the requisitions to be awarded and complete grant funding to remove older tractors from the fleet to make way for our new fuel efficient and environmentally friendly tractors.

We are currently purchasing better fuel products and recycling used oils. The oil and fuel filters are being replaced more frequently and the trucks serviced daily. This will help reduce bad air quality. The biggest difference we can make is to be an example to others in the industry and hope that they too will want to “go green” and see what a difference we can all make.

All of our equipment meets a strict uniform standard that includes a blue tractor with our company logo on either side of the cab with a white trailer attached.

In addition to equipment standards, the company maintains high employee standards with pre-employment drug screens and background checks being strictly enforced. Employees are also randomly drug screened throughout the year.

In 2008, we were awarded the San Antonio River Extension Mission Reach project under the direction of the Army Corps of Engineers. We are also working with the San Antonio River Authority as they continue to work on undeveloped areas of the river and riverbanks. These projects have allowed us to shed a positive light on the construction industry in general and the transportation industry specifically when dealing with both the general public and the media, as they are controversial issues within the individual neighborhoods directly affected by this expansion.

It is these high standards and expectations that allow us to set precedent within our area. Projects in our resume include but are not limited to state regulated and Army Corp jobs. As a leading minority transportation company with a Small Business Entity/Minority Business Entity/Disadvantaged Business Entity (SBE/MBE/DBE) certification from the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (Certificate # 208118910), we have been awarded numerous projects for the State of Texas through the Department of Transportation, which makes up the largest percentage of our work on an annual basis. These projects are necessary and critical to our business as they insure the integrity of the roadways that make it safe for the private motorist and commercial carriers. It is a part of the business we take pride in – knowing we are helping to deliver the materials to these projects all over the state.

With all of this in mind, Bill Hall, Jr. Trucking Company strives to be the largest minority-owned trucking company in the state of Texas with the smallest environmental footprint possible in its quest to provide safe, efficient service.

  • Established 1989
  • Corporate office in San Antonio, TX
  • Satellite terminals in Uvalde and San Marcos
  • 97 company-owned belly dumps, half-round end dumps, and lightweight end dumps
  • Strict uniformity with blue tractor bearing company logo and white trailer
  • Monthly internal safety audits
  • SBE/DBE/MBE certification through SCTRCA (Certificate # 208118910)
  • “Greenest” trucking company in South Texas with smallest environmental footprint
  • TERP participant through TCEQ
  • Experience with weekly Certified Payroll reporting
  • Personal Protection Equipment in all company-owned vehicles
  • Previous experience with Army Corps of Engineers on San Antonio River Extension – Mission Reach Project
  • Present positive role model of construction industry and transportation industry
  • Medical insurance coverage by Humana for all tenured employees of 90 days or more

Bill Hall, Jr. Trucking, Ltd.
9630 Cagnon Road
San Antonio, TX 78252
(210) 622-3019
(210) 622-5352 fax

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